Kevin has owned and managed his own business for 32 years. During this time Kevin developed the ability to’ Adapt and Change’ to economic challenges, and this meant his Business Plan had to be flexible. Notably, the main lesson learned, and his one constant was, “Cash Flow is King” – You need to get paid!

Following dramatic changes in legislation in recent years, Kevin’s passion is to help businesses get it right!  With this purpose in mind, coupled with his experience as a Credit Risk Management professional, positions Kevin as a go-to source in the provision of leading information for businesses who extend credit to their clients.

Kevin runs workshops and boardroom sessions for various industry groups. He explains in layman’s terms why you should have up to date legally enforceable Terms & Conditions and the importance of being a secured creditor.

PPSA Legislation and PPSR— for the majority of businesses turns the rules around credit on who gets paid upside down, in direct comparison to what you may think. So what exactly is PPSR?  The Personal Property Security Register is one central Commonwealth Noticeboard on who is a Secured Creditor.





The Security is essentially defined as either Tangible or Intangible collateral. The biggest of these by far (of which is regularly overlooked) is the ability to be a Secured Creditor over book debt.

Kevin has a wealth of knowledge and assists you to navigate through putting a Financial Fortress around your business, and making sure you are a Secured Creditor. Don’t delay, contact Kevin Today!

Kevin Tiggemann | Director

Australian Credit Risk Management

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